Kennon Jones and Eric Bihl met at Wake Forest University in 2007. Sometime in 2013 a plan was hatched: to sail around the world. Five years later, with Back Creek, MD, under six inches of ice, they decide it is time to leave...


The Crew


Kennon Jones

A native of the Great State of Georgia, Kennon grew up on Lake Rabun and has always loved the water.  Upon moving to Washington, DC in 2010, he bought his first boat: a Paceship 23 he christened Starting Salary. After a run in with a freak squall, the Paceship was replaced by a Pearson 26, Leona, often referred to by her ceremonial title: Bougie Queen of the Chesapeake.  Now with Temujin, a Tartan 34, Kennon has set his sights on foreign shores.  A former employee of the Department of State, Kennon manages cultural outreach aboard, as well as optimizing bureaucratic efficiency.




Eric Scott Bihl

Eric grew up on the Connecticut coast, racing 420's in high school and later Lightning class boats on the Rehoboth Bay.  He made the mistake of reading Joshua Slocum's Sailing Alone Around the World at an impressionable age, which lead to a series of books on offshore sailing, culminating with Bernard Moitessier's The Long Way and an agreement with his good friend to sail around the world.  A peddler of wines by trade, Eric oversees the small batch Madeira production aboard, as well as negotiating cadeau transactions.