Iced In: Wrath of the Bomb Cyclone

You join us in lovely Washington, D.C., as final preparation for a trip down the Intracoastal Waterway continues at a frenzied pace.  Kennon's kitchen cabinets litter his floor, Eric still hasn't been to the DMV, and Temujin doesn't have a heater.  Current temperature in the Maritime Republic of Eastport: a balmy 36 degrees.  

Temujin floats contentedly in her slip over a now working bubbler, unaware that the NHL could host the next Winter Classic on Back Creek just a few yards away. The bomb cyclone of January 2018 brought thick sheets of ice to cover much of the mid-Atlantic's shallower creeks and rivers, icing in anyone intrepid enough to otherwise consider sailing in such frigid temperatures. The coming week promises warmer weather, and possible escape...

Eric Bihl